Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Let's gets Started!

Hey folks,

I hope you would have installed the VS 2008 express edition!! Woo hoo!! A journey of 1000 miles starts with the single step! So now lets take the next step!! Ok you guys.. If you are Why you should stare at the monitor learning C#.. here is the answer.. C# and VS IDE makes it easier for you to get to the business of writing code and writing it fast. When you are working with C#, the IDE is your best companion.. So what is this IDE? The IDE or the Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment is an important part of working in C#. Its a program that helps you edit your code,manage your files and publish your project..

So, just to draw a button and a checkbox on a form it takes all the code thats been shown above. Adding a few more visual elements to the form could take ten times as much as the shown code!!!!

So what do u get with Visual Studio and C#??

With a language like C# tuned for Windows programming and the Visual Studio IDE, you can focus on what your program is supposed to do immediately!

C# and the Visual Studio IDE makes a lotta things easier!!
Yup!! You do not need to work anything extra.. Heres what all you can do!!!

  • Build an application, FAST: You can leave the mundane coding tasks to IDE and concentrate on what your code should accomplish!
  • Design a great looking User Interface: The FORM designer in the VS IDE is one of the easiest design tools to use out there. You can create stunning User Interfaces using it! And wat more? You can save a lotta time doing like this!
  • Create and interact with Databases: The IDE includes a simple interface for building databases and integrates seamlessly with SQL server Express as well as several popular database systems
  • Focus on solving REAL Problems: The IDE does a lot for you, but you are still in control of what you build with C#. The IDE just lets you focus on your program, your work and your customers.. IDE handles all the grunt work such as
    • Keeping track of all your projects
    • Making it easy to edit your project's code
    • keeping track of your projects graphics,audio,icons and other resources
    • Managing and interacting with databases
All this means you ll have all the time you would've spent doing this routine programming to put into building killer programs.