Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starting with C# and Visual Studio 2008!

Hey folks..

Guess you wud ve got an idea about what ASP.NET is.. But before we actually jump into the depths of ASP lets see whats C# and .NET is all about and how we use Visual Studio for prgramming Visual C#.. And I would like to make it clear again here that I am addressing the absolute beginners or "geeks under construction" :).. SO this post is for people who wanna learn C# by doing it rather than by reading it!! So, who is this post/blog not for?? If you think that the idea of writing a lotta code makes you bored and a little twitchy and if you are a kick-butt Java/C++ programmer looking for a reference site?? Nopes!! This ain't for u guys.. Its for all learners from scratch.. Who wanna try something different!!


I am gonna write and talk about C# and other things using Visual Studio 2008. So, that means I used C# 3.0 and the .NET Framework 3.5. So, do not worry if you dont have VS 2008! You can download the VS 2008 Express edition for free from the Microsoft website!


Make sure you do a complete installation that should install everything that you need: the IDE, SQL server express edition and the .NET Framework 3.5

Once you ve got it installed, you ll have a new Start Menu option: Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition. Click on that to bring up the IDE and you're all set :-)

P.S: If you absolutely must use an older verison of VS, C# or .NET framework, then please keep in mind that few codes that are gonna be discussed here might not be compatible with the older version.

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ok, me ready with my book and papaer.. let teh class start :)

jokes apart, good starting da...